Jubouri: Big Solutions Are Only Produced By Big And Serious Crises

Baghdad - "The difficult circumstances that have passed and are passing now are test of our will and our national and the big solutions are produced only by big and serious crises," Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jubouri said.

Jubouri said at a conference on the future of the Turkmen in a united Iraq, held today under his auspices in coordination with the UN mission "The great ideas are made by great people" adding "as long as we are in the orbit of dealing with the immediate problems of the day, we leave the crisis to the future, which means that we are unable or unqualified to create the crucial historical opportunity that the Iraqi people have waited for decades."

He pointed out that "our people from the Turkmen nationality, together with the rest of the components and ethnicities, constitute the Iraqi body that cannot live or survive without any of these components, nationalities and religions."

He stressed that "Iraq is indivisible and whoever seeks to live outside the framework of this state, he should look for another homeland, we will not give up any inch of the land of Iraq in favor of foreign aggressive projects, whatever the price.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency