Jubouri Stresses The Importance Of Reducing The Age Of Candidacy To The Parliament

BAGHDAD - Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Jubouri stressed the importance of reducing the age of candidacy to the House of Representatives, adding that the young people are forming the cornerstone in the success of the project of national reconciliation because they have the active tools that qualify them for this important role.

Jubouri, during a speech at the Iraq conference, "Youth and Coexistence", organized by the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI, said "Youth are the makers of hope and life, and we rely on them, after Allah, to build the present and the future of Iraq, without depending or relying on failure projects that destroyed Iraq over the past years and gave corruption the opportunity to strip the country of its goods and displace scientists, intellectuals, artists and writers."

Jubouri pointed out that "the qualitative effort provided by these workshops during this brief period constitutes an important link in the series of efforts to achieve the project of national reconciliation and the consolidation of coexistence among the Iraqi people, especially that the organizer body has a history of long and successful and professional experiences in these sensitive tasks."

He stressed that "the United Nations organizations and in their work in the areas of conflict in the world and at all levels of humanity has been able to achieve successive successes and take advantage of many opportunities to consolidate civil peace in these areas, and today it stands with the Iraqis to perform its humanitarian missions to help them to emerge from the crisis with less losses ".

On the national reconciliation project, al-Jubouri said that "the project of national reconciliation is still in the process of theorizing, promotion and media marketing, which is good but does not correspond to the actual need, urgent and necessary and not with the time left to us, especially as we racing the time and enemy in its dangerous schemes."

He stressed "There is no doubt that the youth are the cornerstone of the success of the national reconciliation project because they have the tools that empower them to this important role, they are the current leaders and not the future as some try to promote," noting that "the project of peaceful coexistence, which we seek does not mean we want to achieve the civil peace, as it is an inevitable result and realistic without effort or planning. "

Jubouri added, "The Iraqis are not ready to take up arms against each other. They never did so. In the days of sectarian escalation, there were groups that used to target citizens from one side or another trying to mobilize the street for their agendas, ideas and terrorist ambitions." Confirming that "we seek to achieve coexistence, which means acceptance and understanding and integration and love of diversity, which produces faith in the other and existence and accept his idea.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency