Kurdistan confirms the handover of hundreds of wanted people to Baghdad

Baghdad The Supreme Judicial Council in the Kurdistan region revealed the handing over of hundreds of wanted persons to the federal Iraqi courts, indicating that there is great coordination and high-level cooperation between the Federal Judicial Council and the Judicial Council in the region.

The Head of the Erbil District Court of Appeal, Brime Ismail Khushnau, said in a press statement: “The Supreme Judicial Council in the Kurdistan Region handed over to the federal courts hundreds of wanted persons present in the Erbil governorate during the past period,” affirming that there is great coordination between the two sides to facilitate the procedures of handover and the exchange of wanted persons, both regarding wanted persons to the federal government or the Kurdistan region.

Khushnau pointed out that “the Judicial Council in the region applies the federal judicial laws, because it is part of the Iraqi state,” pointing out that “there is cooperation at a very high level between the Supreme Judicial Council in Baghdad and the Council in the region, especially in the field of wanted persons as well as training experiences.”

He emphasized that “the committee formed between the Federal Supreme Judicial Council and the Kurdistan Region continues to facilitate procedures for the implementation of arrest warrants against wanted persons between the two parties, exchange information and facilitate their transfer to the courts from which the arrest warrants were issued, in addition to official correspondence.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency