Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, maintained that, the scope of bilateral cooperation between Lebanon and Iraq was “promising,” following talks with Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, in Baghdad, Tuesday.

Aoun indicated that the two-pronged talks were “fruitful,” especially in terms of bilateral cooperation on the economic and developmental levels.

“Now that Iraq is on the way of recovery, and that Lebanon has succeeded in anchoring the foundations of the state and in reinforcing people’s support for the constitutional institutions, the horizons of cooperation are promising between Lebanon and Iraq,” Aoun told a joint press conference.

On the political level, Aoun reiterated Lebanon’s support for the unity of Iraq, renewing rejection of jeopardising the country and the future of its people.

“We also discussed our achievements in the war on terrorism, after the recent months have witnessed tremendous victories against the terrorists, their rings, organisations, and resources, whether in Iraq or in Lebanon,” he said.

“Within this frame, we highlighted the importance of exchanging data and expertise to combat terrorism, as well as exerting international unified efforts during this confrontation,” he added.

“We also stressed on the obligation to close inter-Arab ranks and conduct effective reconciliations, while preserving the principle of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs,” he underlined.

Source: NAM News Network