Maliki, Jubouri Discuss The Latest Developments In The Political Situation And The Great Victories In Mosul

BAGHDAD - Vice President Nuri al-Maliki discussed with Speaker Salim al-Jubouri the latest developments in the political situation, in addition to the security file and the victories achieved by the armed forces and popular mobilization within the process (We Are Coming Nineveh ).

The two sides, according to a statement by Maliki's office, discussed the future of the political process in light of the challenges facing Iraq at the current stage.

The meeting stressed the need to support the national efforts aim to restoring stability to the liberated cities and urging them to choose political leaders who believe in the democratic experiment and the permanent constitution in the country and have the ability and willingness to actively contribute to close the sectarian and non-national ideas practices.

The two sides discussed the subject of the conference to be held in Baghdad and the conditions that must be adopted for its success, otherwise the political process and the liberated provinces will be exposed to the same crises experienced with the terrorist organizations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency