Masum and Al-Hakim agree on the importance of holding parliamentary elections on time

BAGHDAD , President of the Republic Fuad Masum and Head of the National Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim agreed on the importance of conducting the parliamentary elections on time, stressing at the same time the importance of deepening cooperation and understanding among the components of Kirkuk province to solve all administrative, security and economic problems.

"Masum visited today the Head of the Wisdom Movement and discussed with him the political and security developments in the country and the region, he also congratulated him on the convening of the first conference of the National Wisdom Movement and the election of his leadership," a presidential statement said.

The two sides stressed the need to accelerate the strengthening of confidence between Erbil and Baghdad and to resolve the differences and work to start a close brotherly and constructive dialogue to ensure access to agreements to resolve all outstanding problems between the two sides in a way that guarantees the rights and interests of all citizens on the basis of the principles of the Constitution and decisions of the Federal Court.

The two sides stressed the importance of conducting parliamentary elections on time.

The two sides called to redouble their efforts to ensure the return of the displaced people and to encourage international support for the plans for the return of the displaced people and the reconstruction of liberated areas, as well as the will of all Iraqi components to protect and develop the gains and successes of the democratic experiment of the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency