More than 150 terrorists killed and repulsing attacks to Daesh in Mosul and Salah al-Din

BAGHDAD / More than /150/ elements of Daesh were killed during the repelling of attacks by the organization on a number of areas of Mosul and Salah Al-Din.

The war media cell said in a statement today that the forces of the Salah al-Din Operations Command foiled an attempt to attack our units in the areas of Telul Al-Baj and the area of Makhoul and the front line of the Al-Siniya - Haditha and the Sabkha area in Sherkat, using various weapons and the support of artillery and direct support by the Air Force and Army Aviation.

" It explained that the Air Force and Army aviation directed air strikes, killing 65 terrorists and destroying 12 armed vehicles and two bulldozers.

"The forces of the 20th division killed 89 terrorists, including 4 suicide bombers, and captured three armed vehicles, and the forces of the Swat regiment also killed two suicide bombers and destroyed two vehicles," he said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency