MP: Return The Budget To The Government Is Unlikely. Last-Minute Negotiations Will Resolve Its Approval

BAGHDAD / MP for the Reform Front, Hisham Suhail said, “the return of the budget of the government is unlikely and complicated, adding that the last-minute negotiations will resolve its approval.”

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / that “things are a bit complicated and the difference lies in several things, amounts allocated to the popular mobilization forces, and the dispute over the guarantees for the oil-producing provinces, which approved by the parliament and need guarantee to be delivered, because in the past years, the government failed to meet its promises. ”

He noted that “MPs of the oil-producing provinces insisted on the guarantees before resuming their attendance to the vote session on the budget.”

Suhail explained that “negotiations and meetings are going on since yesterday and will resume today and tomorrow concerning determine the percentage of the amounts of the popular mobilization and there is a new form and it goes out by the agreement of all parties.”

He continued: if there is no vote tomorrow on the budget, meetings will continue according to the constitution until the approval, “noting that” things are going for political consensus and the closest vote on Wednesday, and if we came to a standstill, it will back to the government which is very unlikely. ”

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives adjourned on Monday the vote on the paragraphs of the budget to Wednesday.

The reporter of / said “The presidency adjourned the meeting for lack of quorum as most of the MPs and representatives of the blocs boycotted the session ” .





Source: National Iraqi News Agency – NINA


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