The head of the “National Approach” bloc, Ammar Tohma rejected the demands of some foreign countries calling for transferring ISIS fighters from Syria to Iraq.

“These demands are an attempt to preserve the security of their countries and communities at the expense of risking the security of Iraq and its people,” Tohma said in a statement. It is a way of thinking full of selfishness and disguise of the sacrifices of Iraqis and their great efforts in defeating ISIS and its threats to the security of the region and humanity in general. He added.

He added: “It is freakish what these countries propose, the mechanisms to prosecute those terrorists on the soil of Iraq, including the questioning of the Iraqi judiciary and the procedures used in the trial of terrorists and the attempt to violate sovereignty and diminish the Iraqi jurisdiction and legal.”

He called on the government to reject those unfair calls, which produce further security and social repercussions that are useless and unbearable.” He called on those foreign countries to shoulder their responsibility in facing the terrorist threat posed by those terrorists and to transfer them to their countries and avoid Iraq and its people new security problems and crises.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency