Mulla Talal: The government is committed to paying delayed salaries, and Al-Kadhimi is in contact to expedite the passage of the borrowing law

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Baghdad (NINA) / Spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ahmed Mulla Talal said that the government is committed to paying the delayed salaries.”

He said in the weekly press conference that Al-Kadhimi is in contact with the political blocs in order to pass the borrowing law quickly, and he has instructed the Ministry of Finance to find a speedy solution for the payment of retired salaries and social welfare.”

Mulla Talal called on the demonstrators to organize their ranks to enter the arena of elections and politics, noting that the government is committed to protecting peaceful demonstrators and preserving their constitutional right to demonstrate, and it is obligated to hold the next parliamentary elections as scheduled.” He indicated that the demonstrators contributed to creating a new political atmosphere and changing the election commission and the election law.

On another issue, he indicated that the shooting in the air in Basra was contrary to Al-Kadhimi’s orders, and the perpetrator of firing in the air during the demonstrations in Basra was referred for investigation.

On the Faw port, the Spokesman pointed out that the Council of Ministers discussed the project of the great Faw port, and the Ministry of Transport was directed by the Prime Minister to speed up the implementation of the project, which will make Basra an important global port.”

On the start of the new school year Mulla Talal explained: “This issue was referred to the Health and Safety Committee to determine the working hours.”

The Minister of Health submitted a full report on the Corona pandemic and the challenges facing the ministry.

Mulla Talal added, “the Council of Ministers approved the cancellation of some interest on loans granted to contractors who did not receive their dues from the government, in addition to approving recommendations regarding the security surveillance camera system in Baghdad.”

He noted that the Ministry of Finance had confirmed securing job grades for those covered by the medical graduation law in the 2021 budget, in implementation of previous Cabinet decisions.

Regarding the agreements with the American side, he explained: “These are institutional agreements, not governmental agreements,” denying that the government signed an agreement with Egypt under the clause of oil for reconstruction.

He said, “the signing of the protocols of understanding with Egypt is a result of the decisions of the tripartite summit,” indicating that the Egyptian companies will implement important projects in the country .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency