National Coalition (Watania): There Are Pressures Exercised On The IHEC To Manipulate The Results Of The Coalition In Baghdad

Baghdad, The head of the parliamentary bloc of the National Coalition (Watania) Kazem al-Shimmari revealed the existence of pressure exercised on the IHEC to manipulate the results of the National Coalition in the province of Baghdad.

"We are closely monitoring what is going on at the center of data entry for parliamentary elections," Shimmari said in a statement. "We have confirmed information that pressure is being exerted by some losing parties to manipulate the results of the National Coalition in Baghdad and change some figures."

Al-Shimmari called on the Electoral Commission "not to bow to those pressures and adhere to its integrity and transparency, noting that the coalition" has all the data and preliminary tapes from the polling stations that refer to the correct data and we will work in all legal ways available to defend the rights of our masses in the event of some desire to steal or overrun our right.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency