Conference of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), to support the humanitarian situation in Iraq, recommended to implement humanitarian and development programmes, worth 335 million U.S. dollars, in Iraqi areas affected by the armed conflicts.

The NGOs conference kicked off on Monday, as a part of the three-day Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI).

In its final communique, participants emphasised on the need to have such programmes distributed in areas of health, shelter, education, rehabilitation and other humanitarian fields, stressing the need to respond to the humanitarian situation in Iraq, particularly in affected areas.

Participants called on donor organisations to implement and supervise the programmes in cooperation and coordination with Iraqi local authorities, in order to promote the principle of transparency and to make maximum use of those relief and development programmes.

The conference also highlighted the importance of prioritising relief and development programmes to the most affected areas, while not neglecting the rest of the affected areas.

They called on Iraqi authorities to provide accurate information and data on the humanitarian situation in Iraq and to draw up plans, programmes, and priorities regarding the humanitarian situation there.

The three-day KICRI kicked off Monday in Kuwait City, which brought together several economic powers, as well as, regional and international organisations, to make contributions to rebuilding Iraq, after many years of war and conflict, that ripped through various parts of the country.

Source: NAM News Network