Oil Minister calls on Egyptian companies to carry out the development of oil and gas industry projects in Iraq

BAGHDAD / Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi called on the major Egyptian oil companies to actively participate in the implementation of investment and development of oil and gas industry projects.

He called on , during a meeting in Cairo, heads of a number of major Egyptian companies working in the field of oil and gas, Egyptian companies "to participate in the oil and gas industry development in Iraq," praising the competence and experience possessed by the Egyptian companies in the sectors of drilling, filtering, gas distribution, power transmission, pipes, technology, training, infrastructure and others.

Allaibi said that the Ministry is keen to strengthen and develop relations with the brothers in Egypt and broaden the participation of Egyptian companies in the implementation of various projects and that the Ministry is working to encourage companies to invest and establish joint coalitions and partnerships to serve the common interests."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency