A member of the House of Representatives for the Saairun Alliance, Salam al-Shimmari called on peaceful demonstrators to remove the vandals and intruders from their ranks and get themselves away from what happened in Al-Wathba Square in central Baghdad today.

He said in a press statement that: the peaceful demonstrations that plagued Baghdad and several provinces have become an example for the world in demanding legitimate rights and the ability to reflect the reality of the Iraqi situation and the real desire to move the country to a better reality.

Al-Shammari added that: what happened in Al-Wathba Square in central Baghdad requires peaceful demonstrators to take a clear stance from some who are trying to distort the peaceful movement and give some room to those who want to stab it.

He stressed the need to hand over the actors to the competent authorities during a limited period, or else those who protect the demonstrations from the blue hats will be withdrawn, and some will take advantage of this situation to continue to discredit and attack the peaceful demonstrations.

It is mentioned that the close of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muhammad Salih Al-Iraqi, announced, commenting on what happened in Al-Wathba Square, central Baghdad, that if the actors are not surrendered within 48 hours, the blue hats should withdraw.

Angry demonstrators had hanged a body of one of the people who killed 4 protesters in Al-Wathba Square in central Baghdad at dawn today.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency