Suhail: The Coming Period Will Witness a New Iraq

BAGHDAD / The head of the parliamentary committee on reconciliation and accountability Hisham al-Suhail confirmed that "Iraq is on the verge of a new period free of problems and crises by strengthening national unity and communal coexistence."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "the battle against Daesh coming close, what is remaining to Daesh is limited sites, and it will be completed during this year, so as Iraqis turn to arrange their home and repair what has done by the terrorist organization."

Suhail said that "the first step in this arrangement and restoration is reconstruction and the return of displaced persons and put future programs that build on the basis of unity and political positions that most of the societal and political forces are going with confidence."

The head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim said in a statement in 6 November that "the National Alliance, as the largest parliamentary bloc, is preparing to submit an important and national document for national settlement represents political project for all Iraqis in conjunction with the liberalization of the city of Mosul"./

Source: National Iraqi News Agency