SUMO Raise Oil Prices To All Markets

BAGHDAD / National Petroleum Marketing Company / SUMO / decided to raise Iraqi crude oils' prices to all markets except the price of Kirkuk crude oil to the US market.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Oil, "the price of oil to the Asian market increased by one dollar per barrel of Basra Light, and (0.70) for heavy Basra, and in the European market by (0.40) / light of Basra, and (0.45 ) dollars for barrel for heavy Basra and (0.05) dollars for / barrel for the oil of Kirkuk crude. "

But in the US market, according to the statement, they have been raising the price by (0.10) dollars / barrel light of Basra and (0.10) for heavy and keep the price of crude oil of Kirkuk on what it is unchanged.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency