The Alliance of Iraqi forces calls on the UN for subjecting the areas where the Arabs in Kirkuk under immediate international protection

BAGHDAD / The Alliance Iraqi forces called on the UN and the international community to subject areas where Arabs live in Kirkuk under immediate international protection against the backdrop of the Peshmerga forces burned and looted the contents of the 25 houses in the village of Gosh Qaiya in Al-Debis district west of Kirkuk.

It called in a statement to open an international and the UN inquiry after the shocking reports of Amnesty International and Human Rights, and international migration documents condemn committed against the Arabs of Kirkuk, which gives an excuse to bring the perpetrators to international courts.

The Alliance said that the Peshmerga forces in the west of Kirkuk, are burnt and looted the contents of at least 25 houses in the village of Gosh Qaiya in Al-Debis, which forced its families to move by force of arms to displacement camps, explaining that the village, 25 km from the front lines.

The statement continued that"in front of all of this and ensure that we support the stability and maintenance of the home front, not prose any positions or display painful realities of what is facing Arabs of Kirkuk and including the destruction and sweeping and the removal of nearly 72 villages and center district of Al-Multaqa because of their exposure to occupy Daesh or during military operations or as a result of the wrong behavior seeks to subvert or abuse the blood of the martyrs and the damage to fabric of Kirkuk. "

It urged the leadership of the Kurdistan region to "put an end to these crimes against the Arabs of Kirkuk and those who had their voice and their reaction decisive the factor in the breaking the back of terrorism by subjecting Kirkuk recently" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency