The Ministry Of Oil Agrees To Develop Kirkuk Refinery

KIRKUK / An official source in Kirkuk province said the Ministry of Oil has agreed to develop the project of Kirkuk refinery, which will be implemented by an investment company.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / "Kirkuk administration praised the approval of the Ministry of Oil on the development project of the old refinery in Kirkuk and increase the capacity of the existing refinery.

The province added a distillation unit will be set up at the refinery with 70,000 barrels per day and expand production capacity for investment projects for the North Oil Company to ensure the continuity of discharge the whole of its products from (oil and fuel) to the hydrogenation unit and improve gasoline and distillation.

The Committee on Energy and oil in Kirkuk Provincial Council called on 11.14.2016, the Oil Ministry to speed up the approval of the offer made by a local company to develop the Kirkuk refinery.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency