Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense Hakim Al- Zamili called to put an end to the presence of US forces, stressing the need to trial the pilot who targeted Iraqi citizens in the area of Baghdadi.

Al-Zamili said in a press statement that what the American occupation forces targeting the innocent, Director of al-Baghdadi district and the Police Chief of the police station and a number of women and children, is contempt for all the meaning of the word and represents a blatant excess and lack of respect for the sovereignty of the Iraqi state."

Al-Zamili stressed the need to hold and trial the pilot according to Iraqi law as well as compensation for the martyrs and the wounded, calling on the Iraqi government "to put an end to the presence of US occupation forces in Iraqi air bases."

A US helicopter bombed a number of civilian and security vehicles carrying the Director of al-Baghdadi district, Sharhabil al-Obeidi, and the Police Chief of the district Colonel Salam al-Obeidi, as they headed to the house of Sheikh of al-Obeid tribe, Sheikh Maadi al-Obeidi, killing three people and injuring others.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency