The PMF Begin Digging Trenches And Building Barriers On Iraqi-Syrian Border

BAGHDAD � The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) on Tuesday began building the barriers on the Iraqi-Syrian border, starting from Um Jaris village, west of Sinjar.

"The military engineering of the popular mobilization forces started, this morning, digging trenches and building barriers on the Iraqi-Syrian border, starting from the village of Um Jaris, west of Sinjar, down towards the southern villages bordering the border," a statement from the PMF said.

The statement added that "our forces continue their progress in accordance with security plans to achieve their goals, west of Mosul."

It is noteworthy that the popular mobilization forces announced on the twenty-fourth of May, the launch of the second page of operations (Muhammad Rasool Allah II) to liberate the remaining areas of western Kairouan and Al-Baaj down to the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency