The Political Body Of The INA Discuss Activating The Work Of The Special Committee Of The National Settlement

BAGHDAD / The political body of the Iraqi National Alliance held its usual on Tuesday to discuss important topics on its agenda.

A statement for the Alliance said "they discussed (We Are Coming Nineveh Operations) and the conduct of operations and progress of the security forces of the army, the federal police, the popular and the clan mobilization and the Peshmerga, and taking into account the humanitarian situation of the displaced from areas of operations."

The statement added "the meeting discussed the regional visits of the National Alliance delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and support neighboring countries to draft of the national settlement put forward by the National Alliance to the officials of those countries results, revealed that the alliance said this visit will be followed by visits to other regional countries."

The National Alliance also discussed unfortunate events in the southern provinces and attacks on public gatherings and national symbols and attempts to sow discord and threat the security and stability in these provinces, stressing the keenness on previous claims security forces to take the role in the preservation of the lives of citizens and public and private property.

Source: National Iraqi news Agency