Turkish Authorities Arrest 3 Iraqis, Including One Participant In Spyker Massacre

BAGHDAD - Turkish authorities on Saturday arrested three Iraqis in the state of Qirig on suspicion of belonging to Daesh terrorist organization, one of them involved in the Spieker massacre in 2014.

"The anti-terrorist squad of the Security Directorate of Qirij Qal'a state, in central Turkey, launched a raid on a number of houses, during which three people with Iraqi nationality were arrested and suspected of belonging to Daesh," Turkish media quoted security sources as saying.

"During the raids, the security forces seized many documents and electronic devices of the suspects; they were referred to the court that ordered their arrest," the sources said.

Investigations revealed that one of the suspects participated in the implementation of the / Spyker massacre in Iraq in 2014.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency