UNESCO on Monday condemned the killing of two Iraqi TV journalists whose bodies were discovered in a village south of Mosul in late July.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova condemned the deaths and warned in a statement that such killings were "war crimes" under the Geneva Convention.

Iraqi media said TV reporter Harb Haza Al-Dulaimi and cameraman Sou'dad Al-Tikriti were discovered dead in the village of Imam Gharbi and the Iraqi sources said they were killed earlier in July in an attack by Daesh.

"Their death is a terrible reminder of the unacceptable toll paid by courageous media workers dedicated to keeping us informed. Targeting of journalists in conflict situations is an intolerable war crime, recognized as such by the Geneva Conventions," Bokova remarked.

The deceased journalists worked for Iraq's Houna Salaheddin TV station.

Iraq, along with Syria, is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world, with a huge attrition rate for press professionals.

Source: NAM News Network