Urgent -Abdul Wahab al-Saadi announces the storming of the area of al-Midan in the right side of Mosul

BAGHDAD / The Commander of the anti-terrorism force, Lieutenant-General Abdul wahab al-Saadi, announced that his forces had broken into the area of Al-Midan in the right side of Mosul, which is separated from the Tigris River only a few meters away.

Abdul Wahab al-Saadi told the that the anti-terrorist units fought this morning violent clashes and managed to break into Al-Midan after the killing of more than 70 elements of Daesh in the last bastion of their strongholds and their determination to defend them became a suicide of these elements.

"The forces of the anti-terrorism are progressing in a precise and remarkable manner and are now far from the bank of the Tigris River within 10 meters and the resolution of the battle to liberate the right coast in particular and Mosul in general has become very close.

Al-Saadi, who is advancing the lines of his fighters, said that the anti-terrorism forces are currently combing, clearing and evacuating the remaining families in Al-Midan, the last stronghold of Daesh, they also arrested of some elements who had not been lucky enough to escape with the families from Al-Midan area in the old city of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency