Urgent .. Security Forces Complete Liberating The University of Mosul And (the Cultural Group, and Shurta)

Mosul / The security forces completed the full liberalization of Mosul University, which is the second-largest Iraqi universities from Daesh north of Mosul.

Brigadier Younis al-Araji, told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "anti- terrorism and rapid reaction forces managed to complete the control on the presidency of the University of Mosul and all colleges and departments and buildings on campus."

Araji added that "the security forces have also managed to control over the cultural group area, which is one of the largest areas in the northern axis that Daesh were stationed there and blew three car bombs and found a large store of weapons and munitions, and materials of manufacturing improvised explosive devices."

Araji said that "the security forces also managed to free Shurta area, which overlooks the Tigris River, on the forest side after clashes with Daesh ended by freeing the region and killed dozens of members of the organization" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency