Russian Ambassador Alexander Zasypkin said on Sunday that his country supported the Lebanese government after the election of President Michel Aoun, noting that it was necessary to discuss what happened following Prime Minister Saad’s resignation Hariri.

“Russia has supported the Lebanese government after the election of General Michel Aoun as President of the Republic and considered the Lebanese equation appropriate for this stage,” said the Russian Ambassador in an interview to “Radio Lebanon” Station.

He added that in order for his country to alter its position, discussion of what happened after the resignation of PM Hariri is necessary, stressing the need to take into account current developments and those wishing to change the Lebanese political approach.

The Russian diplomat said that his country was against the interference of foreign parties in the events of the region from the beginning, noting that these foreign parties have destroyed Libya, and interfered in Iraq and Syria. He, thus, questioned the nature of the self-distancing policy now evoked.

“The Russian position is clear to all. It depends on fighting terrorism, cooperating closely with the Syrian army and its allies, and communicating with all parties concerned to find a political solution, including communicating with the Saudis,” explained Zasypkin.

He went on to state that his country was not intervening in domestic Lebanese decisions, adding that Russia does not perceive the possibility of excluding Hezbollah from the Lebanese government since Hezbollah is an integral part of the country’s political forces, in addition to the need to preserve confessional balance within the cabinet.

Zasypkin asserted that Lebanese stability and security are constants for his country.


Source: National News Agency

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