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A Kurdish MP Directs Serious Accusations To Active Political Blocs (Shiite and Sunni)

Baghdad The Kurdish MP, Hoshyar Abdullah, accused the political actors (Shiite and Sunni) of saying: “Their silence on the Kurdistan region’s oil file has been bought since 2013 and that it is a partner with the power parties in the region in oil imports.”

The MP of the / Change Movement/ Parliamentary bloc said in a tweet published today: “The Shiite and Sunni active blocs, when they meet with the parties of power in the region, talk about the common points between them on the basis of the interest of the country and the citizen and these are newspapers’ words, in fact the common point between them is the oil of the region and the “commissions”./”.

Abdullah added: “They are partners in the region’s oil imports, and their silence on this file has been bought since 2013.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency